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Window Views

1 - Color Shapes (43)

CHALLENGE ONE: Keep it flat. Lines and Shapes. No Dimension. No more than 3 colors. ALWAYS SHOOT OUT OF SCHOOL BOUNDS!
Music is Art Too

2 - Light Forms (33)

CHALLENGE TWO - Use only one light source and a creative, dramatic angle. No outdoor photos unless it is at night.

3 - Camera Skills (50)

CHALLENGE THREE - Depth & Motion. UPLOAD TWO PHOTOS - Use APERTURE PRIORITY to creatively capture and demonstrate the effects of creating a shallow or deep depth of field. Use SHUTTER SPEED PRIORITY to creatively capture and demonstrate the effects of using a fast or slow shutter speed to capture action and motion.
Out of the Canyon

4 - The Ansel Zone (29)

CHALLENGE FOUR - Black and White Conversion. Capture an image in COLOR that will translate well into black and white. Edit your photo to Black and White in Lightroom, then adjust the color sliders to create contrast and a high dynamic range. Dodge and Burn with the Exposure Brush to enhance detail in the lights and shadows.

5 - Conceptual Composite (10)

CHALLENGE FIVE - With only a vision of what you want as a final image (your concept), shoot multiple photos with thesame angles and lighting to assemble and combine in Photoshop using the skills learned in class.


Here are the photos that need to be fixed before a grade is issued. You can only see your OWN photos (if any) in this Album.

BDP-Previous Years (1)

Student Photos from previous years classes.
Sunrise Arch

Cell Phone Challenges (1)

PHOTO STUDENTS! Upload your best cell phone images... Come back and vote for your favorite.
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